Bethlehem healing Fountain Church is a Ministry that believes in glorifying God through lifting up the name of Jesus in Praise and worship with music and dance as the holy spirit saturate the hearts of each believer.


BETHLEHEM HEALING FOUNTAIN APOSTOLIC CHURCH vision is to introduce the plan of salvation concerning our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to all mankind.  The word of God which describes the plan of salvation will effectively address man’s Spiritual, physical, social, emotional and cultural needs.
Through this VISION, with God’s help we will reach men, women and children of all race, color, creed and nationality in and around our community (Montreal) who are down trodden by society’s misfortunes, the pressures of life and in need of salvation. 

Our chief aim is to glorify God our Savior, through Jesus Christ our Lord, who gave Himself for us that He might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto Himself a peculiar people zealous of good works; that we should show forth the praises of Him who hath called us out of darkness into His marvelous light.  Philippians 2:15-16; and Luke 1:79



To conduct and carry on in the name of Bethlehem Healing Fountain, religious services and divine worship
To extend the kingdom of God by home and foreign Mission; to men, women, children, families and all nations in and around our Montreal community who don’t know Jesus Christ as God manifested in the flesh who came and die to save us from our sins.
To develop outreach programs that will introduce to men and women our Lord Jesus Christ that they will come to know and glorify the name of Jesus Christ
To serve and assist the men and women in need, without discrimination as to race, creed, color, ethnicity and gender as the word of God directs us in his holy word.


In 1972 the mission of Bethlehem Healing Fountain Apostolic Church started in the home of Bishop Winston George Adlam along with his family. He started out by having prayer meetings in his home,  believers became exited about God and so he constructed prayer meetings to go from house to house of the believers, through this the family members of the some of the homes would accept Christ as their personal savior. The ministry grew and required us to find a larger facility.   The first hall rented was the YMCA in Park Avenue Montreal for several years. The membership continued to grow until it reaches a capacity that Bethlehem Healing Fountain Apostolic Church could not be contained any more in that facility, we later purchase a factory building at 5738 Decarie in 1979. The building was developed into this beautiful edifice. We have seen lives transformed. Many left the streets looking for hope and find hope.  Many possess with unclean spirits whose lives were held captive by demonic forces were restored.  There were many who walked in through the doors of BHFAC who felt rejection by their own family, felt loved.  Thanks to God, many who were lost in the confusion of their mind and could not feel the freedom in their spirits to face life but God saw their helplessness and put it in the hearts of his people to reach out and touch the lives of those broken heart.  Bethlehem Healing Fountain Church has open it’s doors to the community of Snowdon and the Montreal community at large and have built many broken lives, children who are now doctors, lawyers, nurses, who are coming from broken homes, drug abuse homes, homeless immigrants, who have entered the country and were fugitives, seeking refuge could find shelter at Bethlehem, some of whom have moved on to be Pastors, Preachers, Ministers and Missionaries in other countries.  Whose lives have been empowered by the Holy Spirit, God have allowed members of Bethlehem to  take  them in and nurture them and set them on their way rejoicing. What a marvelous grace that God has given to us.  People from different walks of life who don’t know each other, they have received God’s love in their heart, and were able to love others like themselves. There were members who have given up their success in order to help others find hope.  Some have burn bridges for others to have a night’s meal and a place to sleep.  What a great God and a great Salvation.  We have trod many valleys and mountains (spiritual warfare), tough times and rough times in the ministry, but still standing as warrior for God.  Bethlehem Healing Fountain today is continuing its vision by providing food for over 150 families through our food outreach program, delivering food to shut-ins, reaching out to the hopeless, visiting homes of the sick and afflicted, visiting hospitals and nursing homes, strengthening and encouraging those that need a helping hand and giving counseling to families. We will continue this work of faith that Christ commission us to do.