Pastor / Bishop/ Founder

Bishop Winston
George Adlam

Bishop Winston Adlam the Pastor of Bethlehem Healing Fountain Apostolic Church was born in Mayfield, Manchester, Jamaica w.I. He is the youngest of five boys.  In his childhood he attended the Baptist, Presbyterian church of God, and the Anglican Assemblies.  He was faithful Sunday school student. It was obvious even as a child that he was destined to be a servant of God.  He attended the church of God assembly for 6 years until he migrated.  Then he attended the Pentecostal Assembly for several years.  At age of 20 he was converted and repented of his sins.  The pastor of the Pentecostal Assembly had refused to baptize him because he did not believed Winston was fully repented.  Having a zeal and soul panteth after the living God he left and went to Kinston capital of Jamaica where he was baptized in the Rehoboth Assembly b Pastor M.E.Bailey in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sin and spoke in other tongues as the Spirit gave him utterance according to Acts. 2:38 He spent man days in the woods seeking the will of God.  At one time, the Lord told him that he wanted him to be a teacher and a doctor in the gospel field.  In 1966 he left Jamaica and came to Canada.  He worshipped at the United Pentecostal Church at 1455 St. Germain for 13 years then migrated to the United States.  His next place of worship was at the Bethlehem Healing Temple, 12 south Oakley Blvd. Chicago, Ill.  He was taught more about the oracles of God under the ministry of Evanglist Matty B. Poole and Bishop Charles E. Poole.
In 1972 he migrated back to Montreal, Canada.  He dedicated himself to the Lord desperately for hours in prayer and fasting.  These are some words the Lord spoke to him: “Go and gather my people together that made a covenant with me.”

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Assistant  Pastor

Dr. Christopher P. Adlam


General Secretary / Youth Leader

Evg. Nerissa C.  Brown



Evg.Margaret R.

Missionary President


Min. Latoya A. Coombs

Youth Leader Assistant


Bro. Roy Smith

Music Coordinator


Sis. Elizabeth Bascombe

Usher President


Ministerial Board